Endless cycle of love.

I am always wondering how I could possibly love life more than I do right now. Then, I wake up and find myself falling even deeper in love with the universe than I ever thought possible. This has become an endless cycle in my life that I am so thankful for. ❤

Officially a dread head

I have finally made the commitment of dreading the rest of my hair and I couldn’t be happier I went through with it.

I was nervous to make the change as it’s not always socially or professionally accepted.  There are a lot of myths surrounding dreads especially when it comes to cleanliness. However,  despite my fears of what others would think of me, I did it!

I love waking up every morning and not having to worry about getting all the knots out of my thick,  unruly hair. I can’t wait to see them mature,  change and grow over the next few years.  ❤20160930_154239


I wanted to write down my experience, this past year, living without internet/WiFi, cable or a smart phone (downgraded to the cool, old school, flip phone haha). It is crazy so many of us feel theses things are crucial to living day-to-day life while not ever thinking about others we have much less. If you are reading this(requires access to internet and some kind of electronic device) you are already *luckier* than so many people.

For the past few years cable has been nonexistent in my life. I am sure quite a few people can relate as internet streaming is become so popular. I would be lying if I said I did not stream shows and movies from time to time because I do love to laying in bed to watch a good show. As far as having cable, I am so happy it has not been in my life for so long. Cable was by far the easiest one to let go. Not having to consume so many pointless, advertisements is so refreshing on its’ own! I love not being able to tune into all the negative, fear-filled new programs or seeing the legal drug dealers,  pharmaceutical companies, try and sell me their toxic pills. I feel good that I am not wasting hours of my day stuck in a reality show, watching someone else live their life or having to plan my evening around a new season premiere/ finale. Instead I am able to fill my hours with something a little more productive, which is could be just about anything!

The next item I gave up was not having wifi in my house( as of two days ago this is no longer a reality). At first this one took some time getting use to and wasn’t  necessarily by choice. Moving to a new state and new home, setting up Internet was the last of my worries and the thought of spending any money on Internet was just not in my budget. It was hard to no longer be able to lay in bed, flip open my computer and be connected to the entire world of information. However, after some time I completely forgot what that feeling was and it just become normal to me. There were so great benefits as well! First is I went out more often. This is a big benefit for me because I am such a home body! If I wanted to use the internet I would now have to travel to the library or a coffee shop, both of which I came to really enjoy. It was so nice to get out and get to change my view. The second benefit is similar to cable in the fact that I wasn’t overloaded with bad news, celebrity gossip, normal gossip or product advertisement. I find it so easy to “window” shop on the Internet. Having access to almost any product you can imagine is crazy and addicting. 99.5 percent of it is just more thing I don’t need in my life. The negative aspect is just not having the freedom to access any information right when I want it like for driving directions, recipes or blogging. Of course almost all bills are also paid online so it really made me have to plan ahead to not get behind which I would say could be another benefit, having to plan and think ahead. Overall, I wouldn’t change it and I am happy that I did it for a year but it is part of my life again so we’ll see the changes that happen when I add it back into my life.

The last and hardest to give up was my smart phone. It seems like no matter what Financial status a person has they seem to at least have a smart phone, which is mind-blowing for me some days. When I shattered my phone into a million, tiny parts I figured it was the perfect time to downgrade. I had been thinking about doing this for a while before but never followed through. Good thing the universe heard my  desire and made it happen for me. At first I was so nervous! I felt like my  security blanket had been rip from under me and I was in pure panic. It didn’t take long before I was able to get myself together enough to understand this was a blessings. I must say I didn’t expect to stand out so much with my flip phone. At first I did feel embarrassed about it as silly as that sounds. The benefits have been so great though! It was is refreshing to go about my day without having to constantly check my phone. I have been able to be so much more present in my life which I love. I don’t feel the need to snap chat my every move or waste time playing games. I am able to use my phone for simple texting or calls. No more being plugged into every social media site, email, app reminders. When I go out with my boyfriend we aren’t looking at our phones but at each other. It has almost been a year and I have not regretted it one bit. I debate often if I want to go back but so far I have not come up with a good enough reason to do so!

I never thought disconnecting some part of my life would allow me to reconnect in so many other ways. I am able to be with my boyfriend without the distractions of media and jut enjoy him as well as anyone else I surround myself with! I spend more time out in the city instead of in bed online. It has been so nice to learn that we don’t need any of these functions in our everyday life. I challenge anyone who is feeling stressed or  overwhelmed to disconnect somehow or connect less often. It makes such a huge difference when negative media is not filling our heads. We are able to create our own thoughts and opinions without  being influenced. We no longer compare ourselves to others or at least we do less often. All that being said I should say how insanely  grateful to have access to all this technology and it has some amazing benefits if we learn to use it for the right reasons. Being able to connect to people from all over the world, share pictures instantly with friends and family is awesome. But if we keep using it for negative motives it will destroy us in ways we never imagined! Now it’s your turn to disconnect and watch the changes happen in your life:) ❤



Dreadlock adventure.

For as long as I can remember, my hair has always been wild. So thick and full of knots…thick knots. As a child I hated my thick hair. Each morning trying to demolish those knots. As I grew older I just came to accept the fact my hair would be a mess. I loved the weekends, away from school, because those days I wouldn’t eve attempt to hide the knots. I let my hair be free. It may sound kind of silly but there l is always something liberating about unkept hair. So no surprise to my family when I announced I was turning those knots into dreadlocks .

I never had very much exposure to dreadlocks probably until I was an adult and even then it wasn’t until I moved to Portland I really understood the art and beauty of dreadlocks. As my spiritual journey is underway my admiration for such a different but beautiful hair style seemed to keep growing. A few months ago I finally started to commitment and added in my first two locks. I was hooked. Now a few months later I have 7, not a lot by any means considering lots of people go for their whole head right away. That is my end goal, however, I want it to be a slower process. It’s strange that I have a love for these locks that I never knew would be possible. I get to know each lock “personally” getting to know each ones  unique shape and size. There is something so beautiful in being completely natural and imperfect. Living in a society based on perfection it is so referencing to see someone else who has surrendered to the battle of combing out knotted hair. I want my dreads to represent my ego dissolving. Each time I add in a new one I want to make a personal change in myself as well. In the end I want a full head of dreadlocks and a dissolved ego. A process that I know will be Lomb and at some points slow. Just like anything in life it is never  permanent and even if this is just a “phase” in my spiritual journey rather than a lifelong commitment I am so excited and happy to get to experience this point in my life ❤Photo on 2-7-16 at 4.05 PM #2


Today, one year ago ,marks the day that I change my entire lifestyle and become vegan. Never in a million years would I have thought I would be living this lifestyle. It has completely change the way I look at food and also the way I think about the environment, how I treat others and my overall view of the world. The positive impact it has had on my life is greater than I could have imagined. Before making this big change I had already eliminated meat from my diet and had expressed many time to friends and family about my idea of not consuming any more animal products.. However, I had no support ( what a silly excuse looking back on it now) and never followed through. I wasn’t looking for everyone to stand up and cheer for me about wanting to make such a selfless life choice but I was hoping I would get one person to say, “wow, what an amazing lifestyle change that would be.” or even something as simple as, “that’s awesome!”.  Instead I was overwhelmed with negative comments on how it would negativity impact my life and well- being. However, I promised myself when I moved to Portland, one of the most vegan friendly cities, I would make the commitment and I am so happy I did! I have always had a love/hate relationship when it came to food. Growing up I struggled with body imagine, eating disorders and not feeling good about what I was feeding my body. Becoming vegan has eliminated all of those for me, which is amazing but of course takes more work than just not eating animals and the process is not quick by any means. I think that is one of the most important things to remember is that to result are not going to be immediate. There will be some small changes you see right away but most take time. I can safely say a year later though I have this amazing love for food that I have never had before. So many people make the comments like “what can you even eat?”. My responds is, “Everything!”. I am able to eat all types of foods ranging from Americanfood, Mexican, Indian, mediterranean, Asian. I love the way all the colors, taste and texture can all go together so beautiful. It really is a piece of art each meal you create. Learning about where meat and dairy products really come from has opened my eyes up to a whole new horrible part of the world that I never knew existed! These horrible industries are banking off the suffering of animals. Not only are the animals suffering but our health is as well! Our bodies are not made to support such a lifestyle of consuming so much meat and dairy.  The biggest change has probably been in the way I feel. The amount of energy I have now is amazing! I work over 60 hours in a week so be able to feel good and keep up is so important to me. The vegan lifestyle is able to provide that for me. I am excited to start writing more about being vegan and all the amazing benefits. There is so much more information that I would love to get out there but until than I just want to say how thankful I am to get to fill my body with so many fruits and vegetables each day. Also to take a second to recognize all the animals that have and are still suffering for us. ❤ ❤

It confuses me more than anything that we waste so much time and energy trying to divide ourselves from each other through race, sex, money, occupation, location, views, likes and dislikes; if only we could all understand how magickal each of us are individually and how insanely powerful we could become if we came together. We can literally create heaven on earth! But until than we will continue to create this hell of violence and hate.

Feelin 22:)

Wow it is so hard to believe I just had my 22nd birthday! Growing up I could have never imagined what my life would be like and never would I have guessed I would become the person I am today. Part of me is sad that the past year I have not been writing but I think I needed that space to really figure out who I am and live life. Being 21 was the most eventful, life changing part of my adult life so far and I can’t wait to share my experiences. The amount of passion I have now for life is so much stronger than it has ever been! Thinking about this next year only fills my heart with so much excitement I feel like I am finally ready to start chasing my dreams! I am so happy to start writing again and start keeping track of my journey. I have spent so much time this past year growin as a human and learning the way the world works. I just want to be able to start sharing my thoughts and experiences as well as hearing others!

Trust the divine!

Once we are able to really understand the meaning and wisdom of trust, we will be able to see clearly that trust can never be broken by the thoughts or actions of another being. Trust is relying on the divine to provide all things. Trust ourselves is trusting the divine.

“Trust is not something people must earn from us. Nor is it something we give to people who have proven themselves worthy. Trust is divine, a givin inherent in our soul. Every living being as a manifestation of divine energy is worthy of being trusted.”


I cannot help but feel like an outcast in this fast paced world of illusion. The closer I become to my true self the further I become from society’s way of life. Why is it so hard for the rest of the people to enjoy all the magic in this life? When did we start to value intelligence over feelings, hate over love and noise over silence? We act as though our careers have any real meaning to the universe. That we need to sit on piles of money to get to the gates of heaven. We have turned ourselves into the Gods and Goddess of the universe thinking we can become more powerful than our own mother, Earth. Why does no one wish to see the true beauty? How is the show of the universe so unentertaining that we must distract ourselves with TV? We have learned to hate every part of ourselves and use drugs to hide our real feelings. One day I hope that we can learn to love unconditional, to see all the magic that surrounds us everyday, to be happy.